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Beachmate: Your Favorite Spring Outing Bag!

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The weather is just starting to warm up and, while the beach is calling, you may not be quite brave enough to heed her calls just yet! That said, there’s no reason your Beachmate can’t accompany you on your many spring adventures! In fact, it’s the BEST option for all of your many needs, even when the weather is still shaking off those dreary gray days! From Easter to family picnics to romantic date nights, we’ve got you covered… read on for our top three springtime uses for the Beachmate all-in-one stacking travel system!

1. The perfect Easter baskets for egg hunts!
Not only does the Beachmate make an adorable and bright seasonal basket for holding special treats on Easter morning (I mean, Peeps just POP against that gorgeous orange and blue!), but the buckets are durable enough to handle tough treatment by energetic toddlers and kiddos eager to find all of the best egg-hiding spots!

We love filling our buckets (pun totally intended) with lots of fun things when Easter rolls around! From coloring books and art supplies, to stuffed animals, to sunglasses and sweet treats, we love pampering our littles through small individualized gifts that will make each one smile! Pro tip: Use crinkle paper or shredded gift filler as grass when packing your bucket - it’ll cushion your gifts and add a hue of contrasting color… and will also help keep costs down on the Easter basket inclusions!

Once gifts have been squealed over and pored through, there’s nothing better than using the buckets to collect eggs. Sneak ‘em out to the yard in the Beachmate bag (you can pre-pack any hardboiled eggs in our soft cooler beforehand) and then hide, hide, hide, knowing that when you say go, those orange handled buckets will help you keep an eye out for your little seekers!

Beachmates make great Easter baskets!

 2. April showers bring May flowers...

When it comes to container gardening, there’s nothing like a Beachmate bucket to hold your favorite spring blooms! They’re durable, steady, reusable, and designed to handle the rigor of being outdoors. They’re also a great way to get your little ones involved in planting for spring… if you’re the teach-by-doing type, they can stick their hands in the mud and sprinkle seeds to their hearts’ content! On the other hand, if you’re the type who likes to enjoy a margarita while you dig alone, we’re over here giving you a thumbs up, too.
You can also plant mini herb gardens in your Beachmate buckets, but our absolute favorites are bright spring blooms that can just come inside, bucket at all, when it’s time to add color and vibrancy to the tablescape for a special family event or function!

Beachmate's sturdy buckets are perfect as planters or centerpieces!
And then there’s our favorite use, 3. Picnic Packing

If you’re still snuggling in a sweater, but trying to take advantage of the peeking sunshine, pack up your Beachmate, and head on out to find a patch of grass! We must admit, these are a few of our favorite picnic ideas for spring:

Planning a romantic date? Beachmate’s cooler is the perfect size for all of the items needed to make an amazing charcuterie tray, and the buckets will hold both adult beverages AND the ice without making a mess at all! Toss your blanket over the top, and you’ve got yourself a hot date… and since it’s all in one bag, you still have a hand free to hold.  

Heading off on a playdate at the park? Pop in your favorite snacks and beverages (LaCroix, popcorn, and cheese wheels, anyone?), tote activities like a fun bug-collecting kit or sidewalk chalk in the buckets, and claim a corner of the park while the kiddos entertain one another digging in the sandbox!

Taking the whole family on an outing? Fill up the cooler with water and sandwiches, grab a few big paintbrushes to throw in there, and create an excavation adventure by finding whatever fun treasures have made it through the cold winter months… each kiddo gets a bucket and a paintbrush!

Take Beachmate along for the perfect picnic basket!
Romantic picnics are no problem with the Beachmate system!
 No matter what you love to do, Beachmate is the perfect accompaniment for celebrating your weekends as we approach our much anticipated summer months! So, what’s your favorite way to use Beachmate in the spring?

Beachmate is an all-in-one stackable storage system that consolidates all your beach products in one easy-to-pack bag. There is a place for everything, giving you hands-free convenience in a stylish way that you simply carry over your shoulder. The Beachmate is complete with durable buckets, shovels and a soft cooler, contained in a tote bag with plenty of storage pockets. With all of its multi-functional pieces and our unique, thoughtful design, Beachmate is the essential family beach bag that will totally change the way you beach.
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