Why our Turkish Towel is so Much Better than Terry Cloth

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Lighten your load this summer with our stylish Turkish towels! These 100% cotton beach towels are soft, absorbent and quick drying. Their lightweight style makes them much easier to carry than those heavy terry cloth towels you're used to. Unlike most towels, they get softer and more luscious the more you wash and use them. If you're looking for the perfect addition to your Beachmate System, these cool beach towels are for you, and your family!


Today, we’re here to let you know how to get the most of your Turkish Towel, with some of our favorite ways to use it!


  • Let it dry for repeated use throughout the day.
    1. First and foremost, use it as a towel. Why do our towels work so well you might ask? 100% cotton is very absorbent (think of your dishcloth) and the weave is so tight knit that the towels actually repel sand from sticking to them - it’s amazing! You know how your terry cloth towels become that soggy and sandy mess after one use? No more when you have a Beachmate towel- just throw it over your beach chair and watch it dry it just minutes, ready to use over and over. Also, the lightweight material makes it great for travel, because it folds taking almost no space!

 6 Terry Cloth Towels vs. 6 Turkish Towels

  • How to fold it into a Dress Sarong
    1. Hold the towel behind your back horizontally, holding one end in each hand, just under your armpits
    2. Grasp the towel a few inches above the edge in each hand, forming two bunches of material.
    3. Tie these two bunches together in an unfinished knot, pulling tightly so the fabric becomes wrapped right above your bust line, close to your chest.
    4. Take one of the short, free-flowing corners and pull it beneath, up and over the unfinished knot
    5. Smooth out the material that is now dangling over
    6. Take the other free end and tuck it into the top of the sarong underneath your armpit
    7. Let the rest of your sarong flow


  • How to fold it into a Waist Sarong/Skirt
    1. Follow the same steps as the dress sarong, but start at your waist instead of under your armpits


  • Tapestry
    1. Choose a location, (in dorm room, bedroom, above a bed, above a chair)
    2. Using push pins, you can push the corners of the Turkish Towel into your wall
    3. If you want a method that won’t leave small holes in your wall, for example, in a dormitory where you may not be allowed, we recommend using Command strips as a damage-free method


  • Throw or Blanket
    1. Throw our Turkish Towel over your couch for a beautiful touch to your living room
    2. Curl up with these towels during a movie or on a cold winter night.
    3. Tablecloth or picnic blanket to add a pop of color to your meal!


  • Flag
    1. Using anything from our industrial strength shovels, a tree-branch, an old broom, or perhaps a piece of drift wood, you can fashion the American flag towels into a flag!
    2. For temporary use, tie two corners of your Turkish Towel to the flag handle and push it into the sand, dirt, or wherever you would like to station your flag
    3. For more permanent use, you can sew or use fabric glue. Make a pocket for the flag handle by laying your flag out on a table and lay the handle along the shorter, vertical edge of the material. On the right-hand side, fold the edge of the material loosely over the handle and pin the material in place. Remove the handle, then you can use a sewing machine or some fabric glue to secure the material in place. Sew or glue the top of the pocket together so the handle cannot slip through. This will allow the flag to sit right on top of the handle. Then slip the flap into the handle pocket, and if it feels loose add a few extra stitches or a bit more glue.
    4. Wave the flag to your hearts content!


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