5 top tips to tackling the beach like a pro

Everyone knows that beach days are the best days - but they can also quickly become extremely challenging or less than fun without being proactive and prepared! Fear not -we've mastered the beach game and we couldn't be happier to share our 5 top tips for tackling the beach like a pro so that you can truly enjoy each day at the shore this summer!
1. Be proactive.
Know that your kids are runners? Always end up with sand in your sandwich? Always fighting sunburned noses and cheeks? Every family's challenges are different. Know what your situation is and how to avoid it by planning ahead and being proactive. A brightly colored water shirt like these will help keep kids in eyesight, these buckets flip over and have special grooves on the bottom which are perfect for holding cups or food and keeping them free of sand, and wide brimmed hats are perfect for keeping the sun off of little noses! It's all about staying proactive!
Beachmate is solving all of your beach problems in one lovely package!
2. Have the right gear.
You wouldn't go hiking in heels! Neither should you drag the wrong gear down to the beach! If your kids struggle with big towels, having large, bedsheet-sized beach towels certainly won't help your cause, and broken shovels are sure to lead to tears! Grabbing something manageable and durable is 100% the way to go. Turkish towels are lightweight and very absorbent (and, um, sooooo cute!!!), and single piece molded shovels are perfection when it comes to digging in wet sand, dry sand, or even mud and rocks! It's all about having the right gear on hand!
3. Pack smart.
You're not a pack mule... why let yourself be burdened down like one? The obvious answer to all of your carrying woes? BEACHMATE, of course:
4. Be ready to go at a moment's notice.
Having everything that you need when you need it is a critical component of keeping beach days happy and fun, so it's always a great idea to keep the necessities ready to go at all times. The number one hardest thing about the beach? Forgetting something critical (sunscreen, anyone?) and not realizing it until too late! So tuck your frequently used items into one of the pockets of your bag, keep it in your car, and be ready to go at a moment's notice!
5. Pack surprises.
As a parent, you know that sometimes it's the little things that make a difference. Take advantage of this special knowledge and create magic and avoid extra challenges by having a few well-placed items in your arsenal. A couple of big shells or rounded pieces of bright glass make a sandcastle glisten!  Attach a cork to your keys so that you don't lose them forever in the surf. Freeze some juice boxes and you'll have slushies midday. And you'll love how helpful a dust broom or a bottle of baby powder can be in the car (instant sand-away!!) or an accessories bag can be on the beach!
No matter how you choose to spend your summer, Beachmate is there for you to make your packing, schlepping, and re-packing journey better. We'll help you to truly dig the beach!
Beachmate will transport all of your necessities with ease! Just tuck them into the pockets and get going!
Beachmate is an all-in-one stackable storage system that consolidates all your beach products in one easy-to-pack bag. There is a place for everything, giving you hands-free convenience in a stylish way that you simply carry over your shoulder. The Beachmate is complete with durable buckets, shovels and a soft cooler, contained in a tote bag with plenty of storage pockets. With all of its multi-functional pieces and our unique, thoughtful design, Beachmate is the essential family beach bag that will totally change the way you beach.