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Packing Checklist for Your Beachmate Summer 2018

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What’s the best way to get the most out of your Beachmate this summer? We came up with a checklist for the must-haves to pack to have an ideal beach day with the family!

  • Towels: Stay dry this summer with our selection of incredibly quick-drying (so they can be used over and over during the day) and lightweight Turkish Towels. These beautiful towels are extremely comfortable and their thin size saves space in your tote. They are 100% cotton, and can even double as a Sarong!
  • Sunscreen: One of our absolute favorite sunscreens this summer is Eco-Lux Sport Organic Sunscreen Spray by Coola. This guava mango SPF 50 spray not only will protect your skin from harmful rays, but also works to enrich your skill with antioxidants, without the greasy feel. Hello sunshine, goodbye wrinkles!
  • Beach Umbrella: Don’t forget to use our adjustable Velcro straps to carry a beach umbrella on your Beachmate, making it easy to carry and keeping you cool all day! These straps are also great to bring along an extra rolled up towel. These straps are also great to carry wet clothes & towels in on the way home!


  • Bottled Water: Our cooler is fully lined to keep your drinks ice cold all day, so make sure to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! It fits on the top or bottom of your large bucket, and the sturdy handle allows you to bring it solo if you just need a cooler for the day. Our favorite reusable water bottle this summer is the Joseph Joseph Dot Hydration Tracker. This water bottle is both lightweight and affordable, and best of all reminds you to drink water!
  • Drinks for the kids: Don’t forget to throw in some juice boxes and lemonade! Flip over our buckets for built in cup holders and snack trays, keeping snack time sand-free. Our favorite drink for kids this summer is Honest Kids Super Fruit Punch; they are completely, vegan, gluten-free and organic, with only nine grams of sugar and under 50 calories. Plus, they’re full of vitamin C!
  • Drinks for the parents: Lemonade doesn’t have to be just for kids! For mom and dad, our favorite easy beach cocktail is a Mint-Bourbon Lemonade to stay cool. At home, mix together 9 oz. of bourbon, 3 cups of lemonade, two handfuls of mint leafs, then store in the fridge until beach day. Pour into travel containers and throw it in the cooler! Serves six.

  • Body Wash: One of our absolute favorite multi-features of the Beachmate is doubling the large bucket as a bathtub after a sandy day at the beach! Give your little ones a quick wash to keep them sand free at the end of the day. We recommend Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Body Wash. It is perfect for the beach because it is infused with Aloe Vera Gel, and automatically softens skin!


  • A great book: Our favorite this summer has been Tangerine by Christine Mangan. Bring a page turner while you tan!

  • Accessory Bags: Our accessory bags are both flexible and easy to dry. We always have a few on hand because they are great for anything – diapers, wipes, lotions, wallet/keys, even keep your iPad and books clean. At end of the day, it’s great for wet suits and towels. These are so thin and lightweight, and the best part is they are machine washable so you never need to worry about something leaking in your bag again! 

Check out all of our favorite beach mate products and summer favorites below:


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