Weekend Getaway To Hamptons Pit Stops

Amagansett Dunes - Indian Wells Beach

Indian Wells is a gorgeous public beach located right down the street from the heart of Amagansett Square. It is known to be a very family oriented beach, and is a perfect place to warm up your Beachmate gear for the sunny months ahead.  It is usually open around 10:30 am to 10 PM at night, so you can start the day off here with your cup of coffee and end it with a beach bonfire with the whole family! It is known to be a “popular but not too overcrowded beach”. It has waves a perfect size for beginner surfers, as well as boogie boarders. Everyone hates a surf rash, so also be sure to check out our adorable kids surf shirts to protect their bellies from the boards!

Some key tips for making a bonfire at night with the crew to avoid a ticket from Beach Patrol!

  • Use the Beachmate shovels to dig your hole at least 50 FT away from the Dunes
  • Place a tin bucket big enough for your firewood to fit, inside the hole you have dug
  • Make sure you have a bucket full of water next to your site
  • Lastly, bring our Turkish Towels to lay next to the fire to sit on while you make some s'mores!

Amagansett Town/ MNTK HWY Pit Stops

Amagansett is a cute quaint town, minutes from the beach, that offers a lot of local businesses and restaurants, especially in Amagansett Square. There are a couple key spots you should definitely stop at on your way to the beach or even if you’re just passing through on your way to Montauk!

Be sure to check out:

  • Jack’s Coffee:
    • It is located right on 27, as well as walking distance from the parking lot from the square. It has amazing coffee, breakfast sandwiches, pastries, cute t shirts, and even little treats for your pup! You may even happen to run into people such as Jerry Seinfeld and Gwyneth Paltrow as they have been spotted at Jacks in the square many times!
  • Hampton Chutney Co.
    • When you and the kids need a quick break from the sun, run up to the square and hop in Hampton Chutney Co. Grab a delicious chutney sandwich and either eat it on their cute patio outside where celebrities such as Jason Bateman and Will Arnett are eating with their kids, or pack your “sandy’s” in your Beachmate cooler pack!
  • Lunch and Clam Bar are also very iconic Montauk Highway Restaurants that serve insanely fresh seafood right off the coast! You may even spot some celebrities here as well!

Montauk - THE END

Montauk is considered to be and ideal surfer destination in the Hamptons. It is located at the very end of Long Island, hence its nickname “THE END”.  Specifically, Ditch Plains is known to be one of the most popular surf sites/ beaches on the East Coast. It hosts surf competitions, as well as serves as an amazing  public beach. It’s a perfect destination to bring the family to hang out there for a day, if you want to do a day trip from a different part of the Hamptons. A good tip to remember if going to Ditch Plains, is that they reserve the close parking spots for locals who pay a parking permit - AKA the surfers! So, remember to pack your Beachmate, (as it's so easy and convenient to carry all your beach necessities in one)  incase parking is hard to find, as you and the kids may have to walk a bit to get to this beautiful site! If your family members like to surf and don't enjoy going home in their wet trunks, pack our wet dry bags! These are the perfect size and material so you can throw your damp suit into it right after you change, and won’t have to worry about lugging around a damp suit on the way home.

Lastly, if you’re looking to end the perfect beach day in Montauk, check out some places such as the Surf Lodge or Navy Beach for an early evening cocktail! The Surf Lodge has a prime location on the bay side that overlooks the beautiful sunset as well as amazing live music! Navy beach is also a perfect spot on an inlet in Montauk that also faces the sunset that has incredible appetizers and cocktails if you’re not looking for a huge dinner!