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The Founder

Beatrice Mellick is a mom of four and the Founder of Beachmates. She has always had a passion for finding quick and efficient solutions to life’s little problems. Beatrice was sitting on the beach one day trying to enjoy a quiet moment with her family, and found herself surrounded by chaos. Her husband had just hauled the last bag of supplies, her son's shovel was broken and she was trying to single-handily set the umbrella up. This is the moment when Beachmate was born.  

Beatrice spent months designing the perfect all-in-one tote bag to make life traveling to and from the beach easier. She made sure there was space for all of the necessities, and sourced the highest quality materials available. As she was developing Beachmate, Beatrice designed a collection of beach toys and accessories that are designed to last multiple seasons.

Beachmate is full of durable, reusable pieces that are better for the environment, lightweight, easy to carry and offer exceptional organization and storage. 



Meet Beachmate.

Beachmate is a high-quality, eco-friendly lifestyle brand for beachgoers. Our flagship Beachmate system is an incredible lightweight, stackable toy and storage system. The system is made up of 2 shovels, 5 buckets, soft cooler and tote bag all in one easy to carry bag. Smartly designed to stow additional toys, supplies, snacks, gear and more with organized convenience - No more juggling multiple bags! Even fully packed, Beachmate fits easily into your car or on a boat. It's the perfect solution for families and trips of all shapes and sizes!


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