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Read our customer testimonials about the Beachmate System to discover why Beachmate is the better way to beach!

“I just had to get a product that worked for me. This product is called Beachmate. it comes with the shovels and inside it has containers to put your snacks in it, and then it comes with other things the kids can use to make sand castles and it's ALL literally right here, you just walk to the beach with it. It’s just the best.”

Do Say Give

"Every once in a while, we stumble upon a product that has all the answers. That’s exactly what we got with @mybeachmate! This beach organizer is the smartest storage solution ever! Inside our Beach Mate, we have buckets for the girls to build their sand castles, and even a cooler! Outside, two shovels attach, and the strap is super comfortable, so it never hurts your shoulder."

hey, it's jenna

Do Say Give

"I came across their genius stackable system a few years ago on Instagram and knew it would be a perfect thing to share on DoSayGive. This all-in-one, lightweight family beach organizer transports toys, snacks, sunscreen and other essentials in a seamless way that makes it so easy on parents of young children. "

Do Say Give

"My favorite feature is the beach shovels which easily clip to the outside of the bag. A built-in velcro strap can be used to attach towels, chairs or an umbrella. And the shoulder strap makes carrying it a breeze, even for my 7-year-old who likes to show off his muscles by lugging our family’s stuff."

- Kathie Lee & Hoda


"My favorite feature is the beach shovels which easily clip to the outside of the bag. A built-in velcro strap can be used to attach towels, chairs or an umbrella. And the shoulder strap makes carrying it a breeze, even for my 7-year-old who likes to show off his muscles by lugging our family’s stuff."

- KidsTripster

"This monogrammed bag is the epitome of compartmentalization. Not only does it have shovels and sand castle toys, it also has a cooler! We don’t have any kids yet but I can see how this bag will make the young ones, and the adults, both very happy."

- Kelley Ferro

Lilies and Lambs

"The shovels are extremely durable and actually industrial strength so I know they will last forever, especially being a mom of 3 boys." Read what else they had to say!

- HWTH Blog

Lilies and Lambs

We took our Beachmate out for its maiden voyage this week, and I mean it when I say its a total GAMECHANGER. The Beachmate system includes a variety of beach buckets, tote bag, and cooler that seamlessly fit together to create the ultimate beach bag.

- Lilies and Lambs

Mom Life Must Haves

For the first time ever, I managed to get from the car to the beach in one trip, toddler in arms and all. There’s no need for a big bulky beach cart or sandy bag of toys when you’ve got one of the Beachmate systems. If you’re looking to simplify your beach routine – you’ve just discovered how.

- Mom Life Must Haves

Social Life Mag

Star Magazine recently featured the Beachmate in their July Star Hot Sheet. Star Magazine calls the Beachmate a "Hot BAG". See what they have to say about the Beachmate!

- Star Magazine

Social Life Mag

The Social Life Magazine featured the Beachmate in their July publication featuring Brooke Shields in the Hamptons! See what they had to say about Beachmate.

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Overwhelmed Mommy

The Overwhelmed Mommy recently featured the Beachmate in a blog post showing why it is a dream beach bag. See what she has to say about her Beachmate!

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Miami Beach Life

Miami Beach Life recently featured the Beachmate in their summer print magazine as a 2017 summer editiors pick! Click to see a copy of the print article!

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Beachmate Red Tricycle

AOL Lifestyle recently featured the Beachmate on their website as the "One essential beach bag that will carry it all". Co-Founder Beatrice is featured in a video explaning the Beachmate system.


Beachmate Red Tricycle

Redtri.com (Red Tricycle) recently featured the Beachmate on their website for "Hit the Beach, Baby! Must-Have Gear for a Day at the Shore". Read what they said about the Beachmate!


Beachmate TTPM

TTPM.com recently posted a video review of the Beachmate System. Watch what they had to say about our Beachmate by clicking the link below. (Video Length: 1:38)


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About.com recently featured the Beachmate as a part of it's story "Essential Travel Gear for Family Vacations" Check out the list to see what they had to say about our Beachmate!

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Beachmate KAMR-TV

Miami Herald (Miami,FL) recently featured the Beachmate as a part of it's story "Want to plan the perfect beach picnic?" Check out the list to see what they had to say about our Beachmate!

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Beachmate KAMR-TV

KAMR-TV (Amarillo, Market 131) recently featured the Beachmate as a part of it's "Unplug and Have some Fun" Check out the list to see what they had to say about our Beachmate!

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Beachmate CBS_NY

CBS New York (NYC, Market 1) recently featured the Beachmate as a must-have for Spring Break 2017. Check out the list to see what they had to say about our Beachmate!

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Beachmate WISH-TV

CW WISH-TV 8 (Indianapolis) morning show "Indy Style Monday Mailbag" recently featured the Beachmate during their morning segment.

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Traveling with Kids

Traveling with toddlers has never been easier with Travel Daily USA's recommendations. Check out our Beachmate System on the list!

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New Mexico beaches

Fox KRQE-TV (Albuquerque, Market 44) morning show "New Mexico Living" showcased the Beachmate during this Holiday Gift Guide segment.

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Virginia beaches

NBC 10 WSLS-TV (Roanoke, Market 67) morning show "Daytime Blue Ridge" featured new Orca client Beachmate in their Holiday Gift Guide for Kids.

- Daytime Blue Ridge

family beach buckets

"This little Beachmate is an organized-beachgoers dream. Imagine going to the beach and only carrying ONE bag. Stop laughing, I'm serious."

- The Realistic Organizer


"This system is genius! I can honestly say our Beachmate is going to get us through many years to come because it’s super sturdy and functional too. Packing it up was so easy. I actually left the house feeling confident that I had whatever I might need (including extra changes of clothes and towels)."

- Emily Bogner

beach bucket

"Most of all I love how convenient it all is. I can carry one thing and hold Aliah’s hand and we are good to go for a day at the beach…And bonus, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but our family name is stitched on the side. So cool."

- Style Stun

stackable beach buckets

"The Beachmate system comes with a collection of stackable buckets that make for pretty epic sandcastles and can even be flipped over and used as lunch or snack trays. The Beachmate system will pretty much change the way you go to the beach with your family – trust me!"

- Bel and Beau

kids beach buckets

"The beach house we stayed at mentioned they had a few sand toys for the kids, but I was worried that all the shovels and buckets would be broken — and I was right. I’m so glad we ended up bringing our Beachmate bag because the kids played for hours in the sand!! They were constantly shoveling sand from here to there and no stop collecting seashells with all the three small Beachmate buckets. We honestly use it everytime we go to the beach!"

- Kailee Wright

beach shovels

"If you go to the beach often or have traveled and made frequent trips to the beach you know how frustrating it is to haul everything. It is so nice to finally have something that holds cell phones, snacks, shovels, buckets, beach towel and more all in one. The less you have to carry in and out the better."

- Nesting With Grace

kid-friendly beaching

"We are all about finding products that make our lives as busy moms on the go – easier! So when we came across BEACHMATE we about had a heart attack. As women who have schlepped a million belongings and our children across sandy beaches in the summer time, we breathed a huge sigh of relief when we found BeachMate."

- Small Fry


"It (the Beachmate) was lightweight, durable and user friendly. I say user friendly because this is more than just your averagebeach bag, it’s complex. However, the complexity serves a purpose with its ergonomic design. It’s easy to use and when your hot, tired and ready to get the heck out of dodge it easily cleans up and packs away."

- Everyday Dame

"This definitely is not only a beach day product though. I can see us taking this to the pool or the park as well. It’s perfect for packing snacks, picnics, and room for storing all your necessities, like diapers, keys, wallets, and clothing. There are multiple pockets that make it the only bag you’ll need to take with you!"

- Faithfully Beautiful

"Between snacks, sunscreen, drinks, swimmy diapers, towels, and chairs, the last thing we need when we hit the beach (or lake) is more things to carry. With Beachmate, virtually everything fits nicely INSIDE the tote! Hallelujah, amen."

- Life by the Gills

"Seriously, how many sets of beach toys have you bought? Too many. This one will be the last one. And when you’re not using the buckets as buckets, flip them over as tabletops for your drinks and sandwiches. Beachmate made the evening that much simpler. And my life has a whole lot of chaos, so when things are simple, I really, really like it."

- Tales of Me and the Husband

"One thing that stood out to me was the quality of the design. Everything feels very well-made and durable, so it will last us for summers of wear and tear."

- Fitnessista

"Say goodbye to broken shovels and take sandcastles to the next level. The bright shovels are molded from one piece of industrial- strength plastic, removing breakable pressure points and they never get lost in the sand. The Beachmate buckets are also strong, made from extra-think plastic that prevents bending and cracking with unbreakable nylon straps make for gentle handles. This system is for sure the last sand castle kit you will ever need!"

- Little Peanut

"Tucked under the toys is a good size cooler. Perfect for snacks and drinks. We picked up dinner from nearby Beach Hut deli and brought extra snacks and drinks in the cooler. It made feeding the five of us a breeze."

- Pretty Smitten

"When we connected with Beachmate I was SO excited because it's literally genius.

It keeps all of our beach essentials organized in one bag... food, drinks, toys, towels, sunscreen, books, wallets and more - no more juggling several bags over your shoulder or dragging awkward wheels through the sand. It's seriously genius!"

- The Wiegands

"The boys were obsessed with the shovels. Like CRYING to take them to dinner.... the boys had no problem digging up the dirt with the heavy duty shovels. In fact, there were only about two other people on the beach and one of them asked where they can get some of the shovels for their kids."

- Bower Power

"Simon is a big skeptic and calls every other thing he sees, "gimmicky" and I didn't say much about the Beachmate but set it out while I was getting everyone swimsuited up and he was packing dinner with the (enormous!) help of Phoebe he kept saying how roomy and awesome the cooler was. And then he went on to sing the praises of being able to attach it to the chair he was already going to be carrying on his back. And the umbrella attachment feature ... and on and on."

- Camp Patton

"If you're a beach family, the all in one system from @mybeachmate is an ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE!"

- @ministyle, Mini Style Lifestyle Blog

"Our Beachmate bag is my best friend because it's designed to be a designated beach bag, and they thought of literally everything. Not only does it include buckets and shovels, but it also easily stores them, it has a cooler for food (with a zipper to keep the sand out!), it has pockets that hold our sunscreen, change of clothes, diapers and wipes, baby powder, etc, and it even has an outside zipper pocket that I use to store my keys and phone. Each of the pieces are sturdy and well designed -- the shovels are super well made, and the buckets have durable straps instead of flimsy plastic handles. I mean, that alone is worth getting one of these bags."

- Merrick's Art

"Our beachmate basically meets all requirements: lightweight, easy to carry, has a cooler packed in it, fits and separates everything, and has shovels and buckets to play with. BOOM-- if that's not a major multi-tasker, then I don't know what is!"

- Oh Dear Drea