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Beachmate is a high-quality, environmentally conscious lifestyle brand for beachgoers. It is designed with strong, durable materials built to last multiple seasons. Our lightweight solution offers your customers and guests the simplicity and convenience that will revolutionize the way they beach.

Toys, supplies, snacks, gear and more can easily fit in your Beachmate with organized convenience.

No more juggling multiple bags! Strap the system onto a backpack beach chair or use the comfortable shoulder strap. Carrying everything you need down to the beach will be a breeze!

Designed through experience, every piece offers multiple uses. All buckets can be flipped over as sand-free cup holders and lunch trays. The biggest bucket serves as the perfect baby tub or kid seat. The possibilities are endless!

Each Beachmate Includes

beach tote bag

1 fully lined bottomless
Easily fits around the largest bucket, leaving all that sand at the beach!

beach cooler

1 soft
Perfect fit for a day’s worth of snacks and beverages.

beach shovels

2 industrial strength
The perfect size for all ages! They readily pop off the side and clip back on just as easily.

beach buckets

5 durable, multi-purpose
Flip them over and find lunch trays, cup holders and even a small seat!