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Your Beach Trip Just Got a Lot Easier

Getting to the beach can be hectic. Beachmate helps organize the whole family's essentials - food, toys, supplies and more - in a convenient, comfortable and stylish way that's designed to keep your hands free and your mind at ease. 

The Complete System

What makes up a Beachmate? Here are all the component parts of the assembled system,
which weighs just under 8 lbs when empty:


Say goodbye to broken shovels! Beachmate shovels are molded as one piece of industrial-strength plastic, which removes all the weak pressure points where shovels typically break. 

24”L X 7.5”W X 2.5”D 


This is the multi-purpose foundation of Beachmate. Use it as a sand bucket or basket during playtime, then flip it over at lunch and use it as a picnic table! When you're ready to go, pack everything back up securely in the durable carry-all. 

16.5”L X 12”W X 11”D


Make lunchtime a breeze with this sturdy, fully lined cooler. 

14.5”L X 11”W X 3.5”D 


Take your sandcastles to the next level with extra-thick plastic buckets that prevent bending and breaking, and their comfortable, unbreakable nylon straps that fit hands of all sizes.  Flip them over at lunchtime for use as lunch trays and cup holders. 

10”L X 5.5”W X 7”D 


No more juggling or dragging awkward wheels through the sand! Our tote's styling and sophisticated design has pockets for books, tablets, sunscreen, keys, phones and other personal items, while also being fully removable and washable. 

16.5”L X 12”W 


Keep everything hands-free with these adjustable velcro straps for attaching an umbrella, beach chair, or several of our signature Beachmate turkish towels. 

5.5”L X 5”W X 4.5”D



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Multi-Purpose Design

You can fill this lightweight, stackable system as much or as little as you want. Even fully packed, Beachmate fits easily into almost any car. It's the perfect solution for families and trips of all shapes and sizes. The best part? There are multiple uses for each piece in the system. Attach the bag to your backpack chairs and easily stow a shady umbrella - the system makes carrying everything down to the beach an absolute breeze. Once lunch time comes around, flip over the buckets and use them as a tray for a sand free lunch. Or, if there's a baby in your group, use it as a baby seat. The possibilities are endless!

 Baby in My Beachmate Bucket

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