Get Your Bachelorette On with Beachmate, the Perfect Shower Gift

It’s easy to see how a Beachmate is the perfect family beach companion, but did you know that it’s an amazing bridal shower gift as well? It’s true! One of our favorite uses for the Beachmate is as a personalized new gift for the bride-to-be… or better yet, an all-in-one stacking companion container to bring with you to the bachelorette party! Having a hard time imagining it? Read on for some fun ideas about how you can bring this personalized gift to help make it the most epic weekend ever for your friend, the future Mrs.!

  1. Viva Las Vegas!

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… but there’s something to be said for bringing your items home at the end of the trip, too! When it comes to organization, there’s nothing like a Beachmate for keeping track of all of the little things you don’t want to lose! The cooler in the bottom of our unique can hold beverages, chocolates… whatever you’re looking to bring along with you as you travel the strip by limo! Store your personal items by room in the orange buckets, and each room grabs the appropriate bucket at the end of the night… voila! Fun add-on? Use the shovels as a sturdy handle for your sassy or scandalous signs for sticking out of the sunroof. Go big or go home, right?

Beachmate will transport all of your necessities with ease!

  1. More of a Palm Springs lover?
There’s nothing more relaxing than taking a group of girls to lay out by the pool in the heat of the day and then back to the bar to sip cocktails in the eve! Live it up, cabana style on our super soft, luxuriously lightweight towels. Our buckets are perfect for holding ice, bottles of water, and sparkling sips, and the cooler component will keep your snacks crisp and tasty while you sit and gab. Best yet… when it comes time to cool down, sprinkling water on the squealing bridesmaids is easy peasy, getting everyone in the mood for some floating on iconic oversized flamingos. Cheers, girls!
Beachmate is the perfect companion for those sunny days by the pool and the tastiest of beverages, bachelorette style!
Our soft, lightweight towels are perfect for lounging... and absolutely gorgeous!
  1. Road tripping with your babes...

If places afar are calling your name but you have simpler tastes, the Beachmate is ideal for travel needs en route! Throw almonds, pretzels, iced tea, squashed pennies from each stop along the way, wipes or a brush for recovering from a windows-down jam sesh, extra flip flops… whatever it is that keeps you smiling and makes travel simple. Our lightweight accessory bags are perfect for holding the little trinkets, and they are lightweight and roll up to fit in a pocket if need be! Then, toss them in the Beachmate buckets to keep them neat as well! Not only that... it’s the perfect container for all of the things you might need to have for a day out and about at your destination (sunnies, big hats, and sparklers, right?).

Beachmate will transport all of your necessities with ease!

  1. No matter where it is traveling, customize it!

One of the best parts about Beachmate is that you can make it extra special to the beautiful bride by customizing the embroidery on it! If you have a nickname for the couple, that’s always an adorable inscription (Bennifer or Kimye anyone?), or go classic and choose “Mrs. ____” or “The ____ Family.” No matter what you select, you know that the extra step will mean a lot in reminding your bride that you love her and support her in her new marriage.

Customize the bride's Beachmate with her monogram, new name, or a silly nickname!

Best of all, no matter what adventure you choose to take your Beachmate bride on, she’ll have a gorgeous gift to keep after the fact, freshly inscribed with her new married name and a weekend full of memories… and ready to take on romantic picnics and to bring joy to her future family! Cheers to the bride and groom and to everyone off to enjoy a fun upcoming bachelorette/stag-ette!

Beachmate is your answer to an amazing day at the beach... no matter who you are!

Beachmate is an all-in-one stackable storage system that consolidates all your beach products in one easy-to-pack bag. There is a place for everything, giving you hands-free convenience in a stylish way that you simply carry over your shoulder. The Beachmate is complete with durable buckets, shovels and a soft cooler, contained in a tote bag with plenty of storage pockets. With all of its multi-functional pieces and our unique, thoughtful design, Beachmate is the essential family beach bag that will totally change the way you beach.