Our Beach Story

As parents of four kids and beach lovers, we invented this all-in-one tote bag to make life traveling to and from the beach easier. We were so sick of juggling multiple bags, each full of crummy toys that would inevitably break as soon as we got there. We decided we'd had enough with the disposable junk and set out to make better products using high quality materials built to last multiple seasons. Beachmate is full of durable, reusable pieces that are better for the environment, lightweight, easy to carry and offer exceptional organization and storage. Our goal is to keep it simple and have fun.


Beatrice & Jeff

Made for Kids. Built for Parents. 

For our family, the beach isn’t just a destination - It’s a place that stirs up pure excitement in our children and gives us a much-needed chance to relax. When we’re at the beach, we try to make our time as fun and stress-free as possible. But that had always been a challenge given the junky beach toys on the market and the hassle of getting it all there. So we created Beachmate! It is multi-functional, environmentally-friendly and extremely durable, making Beachmate your greatest beach resource.

Kids love it because it holds up to tough play - sturdy buckets and shovels needed for serious digging, treasure hunting and creating the coolest sandcastles on the beach. Adults love it because of our thoughtful and stylish design. We packed everything you need into one easy to carry beach tote bag – a practical, stackable storage system, a soft cooler for snacks and drinks, plenty of pockets for organization, and strong, reusable buckets and shovels.

Our main goal with Beachmate is to help you relax and get back to the basics. Join us on the beach, the place that brings our family a major sense of joy and the opportunity to focus on the fun again!

Create better beach memories